May 2015 – Visit to IKEA

We visited the Milton Keynes branch of IKEA where Sustainability Specialist Paul Allen took us on a tour to show us the sustainable technologies employed in the building.  We learned how sustainability is embedded in the culture throughout the company and how it informs the way products are packaged and recycled.

We were allowed to walk on the roof to see the nearly 6000 solar panels which provide electricity, and to observe the slightly V-shaped roof which has drainage holes down the centre to enable rainwater to be collected for flushing toilets.   Elsewhere we were shown the two biomass boilers which heat water for the building, and the electric charging point for customers to use to re-charge their electric vehicles whilst shopping, or eating in the café.

We also watched a TED Talk and learned about the charitable projects undertaken by the IKEA foundation.

IKEA 2 low res   Biomass boiler

Roof area   Ecotricity charging point

Drainage points  In the boiler room