Events in 2014 – Visit to Wicken Fen

We visited this beautiful nature reserve on a gloriously sunny June day.  

In the morning we enjoyed a guided walk around the Sedge Fen, learning amongst other things how to tell the difference between reed and sedge (and what a bad idea it is to run your finger down the edge of the latter!)

We learned about the history of the surrounding fens – the drainage that was undertaken to enable the nutrients in the rich peaty soil to be used for agriculture, which over the years has resulted in the shrinkage of the land, leaving the dykes at a higher level than the surrounding land. Sedge Fen itself has not been drained and part of the management of it involves topping it up with water at times to prevent it from becoming too dry.

Wicken Fen is home to an amazing number of plants, insects, birds and animals. We saw wild flowers, some Polish horses, lots of dragonflies, and the remains of an abandoned bee colony under the roots of an upturned willow tree.

After lunch we enjoyed a relaxing boat trip along one of the lodes.

Wicken - polish horses DM Wicken Fen - group Wicken Fen - bee colony Wicken Fen - general view