Events in 2011

The XY Game   (January)

We spent a dark winter evening playing this game, which was designed to demonstrate how decisions are made by governments and large businesses on environmental, social and political issues.


Sustainable Cookshop     (March)

This event aimed to encourage everyone to review their eating habits and perhaps consider giving up, or reducing, their consumption of meat and dairy products during lent.

Participants were not just able to sample a range of vegan dishes, but by actually preparing the dishes beforehand.

We were able to use the excellent kitchen facilities at the Well, which enabled several groups to prepare and cook food at the same time.


Each group was provided with a recipe and the necessary ingredients, which had been carefully assembled beforehand. Some dishes were salads, whilst others required cooking. We had a main course followed by a sweet, for which the chief ingredient was some apples that had been grown at the Well and harvested the previous autumn.

During the meal everyone was provided with a quiz which posed a number of questions about the environmental issues connected with our food sourcing and consumption.


Visit to Church Farm, Ardeley     (June)

We started our visit in the garden room, where we enjoyed a lunch which included meats, eggs and salads produced on the farm.

We had a guided tour of the farm sitting on a trailer pulled along by a tractor driven by Tim Waygood, who provided a running commentary to explain what we were looking at. He also explained the differences between energy-intensive industrial farming and the organic animal-friendly approach at Church Farm.

We stopped off at two points to feed chickens and pigs.

Church Farm photo - feeding chickens Church Farm photo pigs low res

After then tour we were free to walk around the areas devoted to the growing of vegetables, herbs and salads, which we were just finishing when the rain arrived!

So that gave us the excuse to shelter in the shop and buy some of the farm (and other) products on offer and for some of us a short visit to the café for a final cuppa before returning home.


Green Christmas  (November)

We spent a creative evening making items for Christmas. People were given a choice of three activities and several of us had time to try out all three.   We then had a discussion about some of the environmental challenges posed by our western-style celebration of Christmas.