Baked Alaska

The Riding Lights theatre company brought this production to Whaddon Way Church in September and played to a packed audience, which included a number of folks who don’t normally venture inside a church.

One theatregoer commented:

Although it was clear from the outset that Baked Alaska would be addressing one of the most serious issues of our time, at no point did I feel got at. The hugely talented cast engaged the audience through a fast-paced and very varied series of scenarios, making real events accessible. There was humour, music, and a number of very convincing accents, and I marvelled throughout at their energy, especially in the light of the tour schedule. The overwhelming message I was left with was that this is a problem for which we all share responsibility, and that action is still possible.

At the end of the show we made bunting from messages we had written to our MP, Iain Stewart, urging action to tackle climate change.

Keira and Edith (2)  The cast Brenda  Edith

Bunting (7)