Church Resources

For planning services or small group programmes, based on an environment theme, please see our Worship Resources page.  

There is also a separate page devoted to Energy usage in church buildings. 

If you need to write an Envrionmental Policy for your church please see the information and links provided on our Environment Policies page.

The diocese of Oxford website publishes a guide called For Creed and Creation which contains practical ideas for recycling, saving energy and reducing the church’s carbon footprint.  Hard copies can be ordered, or a pdf version downloaded free of charge.  

There is a page devoted to providing ideas for enabling a churchyard to be used for supporting wildlife.

An Environment Map shows the many churches and local groups that are engaged in environmental projects through the diocese.

There is also a page about Forest Church a Fresh Expression of Church, which aims to connect people with God in nature. 

Elsewhere you can find out about the Earthing Faith network which aims to help individuals and churches in the diocese to share ideas and experiences relating to the environment. Physical gatherings  take place every few months and there is a website, blog, facebook presence, and also a mechanism for signing up to an email contacts list so you can receive the latest news and resources.